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Education Technology
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Education Technology In Practice

Factors that Determine School Effectiveness

If we review the factors that determine school effectiveness we can see that education technology is only one of the issues in one of the sections of one of the factors (Teaching/Learning Process) from a number of factors that determine the effectiveness of schools. Education Technology is only 'an array of tools that may assist' and high-end education technology is not really an important Teaching and Learning issue for quality teachers and lecturers who are dynamic and creative in their teaching practices.
Below we can see in perspective the role of education technology in an effective school "".

Faktor-Faktor yang Menetapkan Efektivitas Sekolah

Original Diagram from: Factors that Determine School Effectiveness (World Bank)

"Tens of thousands of schools are in poor repair and many are collapsing including 70% schools in DKI Jakarta - In Jakarta alone, 179 Schools are not Fit for Use! - Almost 80% of School Buildings in Pesawaran Need Serious Repairs, etc-etc-etc","The total number of (Primary and Junior Secondary School) classrooms that need urgent repairs has risen from 640,660 (2000-2004) to 739,741 (2004-2008) by 15,5 percent." (ICW) - The situation appears to be getting worse, not improving!
Ref: "5 Steps To Quality Education"

Variety in Teaching Strategies

It is the Teachers' and Lecturers' responsibility to provide variety and creativity in teaching strategies. Educators must maximize their abilities and creativity in order to provide lesson plans and strategies that are both interesting and effective. A major issue in the planning of these effective strategies is that the learners are encouraged to be as active in the learning process as possible. Teachers and Lecturers can choose from all forms of learning support including models, audio-visual aids, and an array of technological tools.

An important issue when choosing technology as a learning tool is that you use it for the shortest duration practicable because many forms of technology like video and data projectors can make the role of the student very passive during the Learning / Teaching Process, and can create boredom if not used carefully.

Adequate Facilities

Schools of course need basic facilities including a Computer Laboratory and Library that is sufficiently stocked with books. All schools are responsible for teaching computer and Information Technology Skills (ICT). The study of technology is an important issue for all school levels in Indonesia because all students who leave school need computer skills. In Indonesia many students leave school after Junior High School and there are still many students who leave after Primary School therefore it is important that all school levels teach basic computer skills including primary schools.

The Government and School Principals are responsible for achieving the pre-requisites for effective learning mentioned above including computer laboratories, libraries, School Climate and Enabling Conditions.

Note! e-Books are not an effective replacement for library books in developing country schools becauase the high cost of printing frequently exceeds the cost of published books.

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